3254 - Marine Adviser

Fixed Term , Permanent
Both permanent and fixed-term posts available. Fixed-term posts run up to 31 March 2022
Full Time, Part Time, Part Time/Job Share
Environment & Sustainability

The successful candidate will play a central role in the delivery of Natural England’s work in the marine environment.

The post holder will:

  • Work with colleagues Lead and Senior Advisers to drive the conservation and recovery of the marine environment through the provision of advice, monitoring, casework and partnership work
  • Build expertise in specific areas of marine delivery as identified with the Team Leader to address local/national marine needs.

This will include (but not be limited to):

  • Contributing to the production of formal conservation advice packages for our Marine Protected Area (MPA) network
  • Carrying out MPA feature condition assessments with support, as part of our statutory duty and to inform advice
  • Carrying out work as part of the marine monitoring programme (may include field work) with some support
  • Delivering low/medium-risk marine casework with support
  • Supporting the efficient delivery of chargeable advice through our Discretionary Advice Service (DAS)
  • Providing administrative and processing support to the wider local marine team
  • Participating in the technical networks relevant to the role
  • Gathering and analysing data/evidence to aid in the completion of reviews and assessments around habitats and species within designated sites
  • Making decisions relating to the routine delivery of your own work, ensuring you manage your work effectively

These roles may involve working outside, and regular travel including to sites which are not accessible by public transport so a driving licence is essential.

We have a number of roles available. Some roles on offer can only be done from specific offices. This includes Area Team roles where you would be expected to be based in the team’s geographic area. Some National Team roles have ‘hubs’ where you would be expected to join the rest of the team in a specific office. Many roles in National Teams can be undertaken from any office. 
You can view a map of our office locations here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/natural-england-office-locations

Please specify your location preferences in the appropriate field on the application form.

Successful candidates will be allocated roles in merit order based on scores achieved at interview and in accordance with location preferences, taking into account the work area successful candidates are most suited to wherever possible

How to apply

We'll assess you against the competencies below during the selection process. When completing the application form you should present relevant examples using the STAR format. STAR stands for:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

Examples should be given in no more than 250 words for each competency. For full details see the attached Candidate Information Pack.

Next steps

If we receive a significant number of applications we may choose to sift applications on the first two competencies of Technical skills and knowledge and Personal effectiveness only.

If you are successful in being invited to interview you will be asked to give examples for all four competencies.

Everything’s better with nature. You included.

We are the Government’s statutory advisor for the natural environment, playing a vital role in delivering the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. This describes an ambitious vision, bringing new opportunities to protect and enhance, and to achieve real outcomes for the environment.

At Natural England, we love what we do. We’re here to make sure people and nature can thrive. A healthy natural environment is fundamental to our wellbeing, prosperity and happiness – that’s why we collaborate with scientists, lawyers, project managers and experts to implement environmental policy and shape decisions.

We work with a wide range of partners, stakeholders and customers on a huge range of projects, from influencing construction, advising farmers and landowners how they can manage their land in a sustainable way for the benefit of the environment, gathering and analysing environmental data, and carrying out vital statutory duties. Across the country, we’re helping nature to support people and our planet.

We are focusing our efforts on six key programmes:

Greener Farming and Fisheries – supporting those who manage land and sea to operate in harmony with the environment

Sustainable Development – creating great places for people to live and work

Connecting People with Nature - promoting health and wellbeing through the great outdoors

Resilient Landscapes and Seas – protecting and restoring wildlife and natural beauty for future generations.

Specialist Science and Evidence - an evidence-led organisation that is driven by science

Managing the Organisation – gathering business data to enable decision-making.

Natural England staff are inclusive, motivated and ambitious to achieve results for our environment, for everyone. We welcome and encourage applications from all communities and we operate a guaranteed interview scheme for disabled applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the role.

Wherever possible Natural England accommodates requests for both full-time and part-time hours and other flexible working patterns to help employees achieve a good work/life balance and maintain their health and wellbeing. 

From induction to ongoing learning and development, everyone in Natural England is supported to develop their skills and capabilities. Where appropriate there will be offers of training under our apprenticeship schemes.

See more about the work of Natural England at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/natural-england

For queries please contact vacancies@naturalengland.org.uk

28/06/2021, 23:55 hours

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Basic Check (BPSS)
Professional competency
Technical skills and knowledge (STAR format not required for this competency)
Awareness of legislation relating to the marine environment (essential)
Understanding of habitat management (essential)
Some knowledge of marine ecology, processes and biodiversity in UK waters (essential)
Experience of planning, monitoring and delivering projects (desirable)
Knowledge of marine industries and their interaction with marine/coastal habitats (desirable)
Experience of working with stakeholders, NGOs and other partners (desirable)
Professional competency
Personal effectiveness
• Make and explain objective decisions which combine your professional judgement and evidence (practitioner)
• Use clear and appropriate language, communication styles and techniques that engage your audience (basic)
• Be ambitious, identify and adopt ways to make improvements in your team and Natural England and inspire others to act (practitioner)
Professional competency
Putting People at the Heart of the Environment
• Listen to and understand our diverse partners and customers so that you achieve the best outcomes for them and Natural England (practitioner)
• Deliver the environmental benefits that people and places need most and take practical steps to enhance opportunities for people to access, engage with, enjoy and take action for the environment (basic)
• Align statutory conservation ambitions with evidence of cultural values and what people want for their environment (basic)
Professional competency
Creating Resilient Landscapes and Seas
• Understand how natural processes, land/sea management and use impact the conservation and management of geodiversity, the marine and historic environments (basic)
• Understand the environmental value of designated sites and explain that to partners, stakeholders and customers (basic)
• Use an ecosystems approach to deliver a resilient environment (basic)
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